The Hematology Podcast

AML – from basics to future prospectives

februari 24, 2024


 Björn Gjertsen

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a hematopoietic stem cell-derived myeloid malignancy characterized by manifold genetic aberrations and poor overall survival. Standard treatment for newly diagnosed fit AML patients is intensive chemotherapy. Relapse is, however, a challenge in more than 40% of AML patients. AML is also a disease with a large degree of individual heterogeneity, which creates challenges both for diagnostics and for developing targeted treatment options.

Our guest is Björn Gjertsen, professor of hematology at the University of Bergen, Norway. Björn is also part of Centre for Cancer Biomarkers, CCBIO, and founding member and chair of the Nordic AML group and member of HOVON AML International Steering Group. He has extensive experience in treating AML, in clinical and translational research of AML, including very exciting newly published data on how single cell signalling profiling may help to detect responders and non-responders early in the treatment.

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