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Mental health during and after cancer treatment

December 14, 2022


 Christoffer Johansen

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. A physical illness can have a severe impact on mental health. As health care professionals we often focus primarily on treatment and how to handle side effects and complications. The mental aspect of a disease is taking the back seat. How is mental health affected by a cancer diagnosis and treatment. And what does mental health mean for the patient’s ability to cope with treatment and for the final outcome of treatment? And how is mental health affected after treatment is completed?
In this episode we have the pleasure of having  Professor Christoffer Johansen with us. He currently works at the Department of Oncology, Rigshospitalet in Denmark. Besides doing research in Oncology, Epidemiology and Clinical Trials, he has scientific focus on mental health for many years.

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