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Extramedullar disease in Multiple Myeloma

7 heinäkuun, 2023


 Elena Zamagni

Extramedullary disease (EMD) represents an aggressive form of multiple myeloma, characterized by the ability of myeloma cells to form tumors outside the bone marrow independently.  Scientific research is continuously evolving, leading to discoveries of new treatments and improvements to current options. However, EMD in myeloma remains challenging from a therapeutic and biological perspective, and today the prognosis for patients with the disease is generally poor. Experts call for a better understanding of how myeloma cells grow and thrive and the biology of extramedullary tumors in order to develop better treatment strategies for the future.

Guest in this episode is Dr. Elena Zamagni,  an associate professor at the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences at the University of Bologna and has been a principal investigator in several national and international clinical trials in Multiple Myeloma.

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