The Hematology Podcast

AI – The future of pathology?

juli 1, 2021


 Birgitta Sander

 Morten Goodwin

One drop of blood, two sheets of glass, 40x objective. Hematological diagnostics demands a keen eye and sound reasoning. At the same time, artificial intelligence is entering the field in a big way. We ask: are the days of Giemsa coloring past us? What will machines be able to do for us, and is there a new role for humans in hematological diagnostics?​

Host for the podcast is the Swedish hematologist Mats Merup. Special guests in this episode are Birgitta Sander, basic researcher and pathologist, senior physician and professor at Karolinska Institute and Morten Goodwin, researcher and professor at the University of Agder in the field of artificial Intelligence.

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