The Hematology Podcast

Recent findings in MGUS

april 15, 2023


 Sigurdur Kristinsson

Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, called MGUS, is a blood condition which indicates occurrence of clonal cells that secrete monoclonal immunoglobulins. MGUS as such, is not a harmful disease, and usually doesn’t require treatment. However, every year 1 percent of MGUS patients go on to develop myeloma or lymphoma.

In this episode we have the pleasure of having the Icelandic Professor Sigurdur Kristinsson with us. He specialises in internal medicine and hematology. He has led several large population-based myeloma studies in collaboration with major research centers and is a frequent speaker at international hematology conferences. Professor Kristinsson will bring us up to date on recent understandings of the MGUS condition, what symptoms we as health care professionals should be aware of and how to diagnose today – and what could be possible in the future.

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