Module 2: Treating challenging RRMM patient subgroups

Learning Objective: To know how to manage challenges in treating certain RRMM patient subgroups

Disclosures of the participating experts are provided here.

Disclaimer:  The purpose of this e-learning is to provide you as an HCP with relevant information on the basis of which you can draw your own conclusions. This information is not intended to provide recommendations regarding indications, dosages, or other statements not listed in the Summary of Product Characteristics (smpc) of the products concerned or not listed in the local applicable guidelines for multiple myeloma. Please consult this page for all Summary of Product Characteristics.

All tables and graphs in this e-learning are based on scientific data from peer-reviewed articles; the original graphs or tables may be redesigned to match the style and colors of the e-learning without changing the data.

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Clinical cases

Throughout the e-learning challenging clinical cases from daily practice are being presented by the International Expert Panel.

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